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This Riesling is a special blend of fruit selected from our Grand Cru vineyards Juffer and Juffer Sonnenuhr. Produced in 1000 l oak barrels (fuder) and stainless-steel tanks. Each wine is allowed the individual maceration time it needs to achieve greater depth and structure.

A deliberate, selective harvest lends this dry Riesling Spätlese an unparalleled elegance, finesse, fine fruitiness, herbal essences and racy slate spice.



The Brauneberger Riesling feinherb is a quintessential example of a wine that tastes dry on the palate, even if the numbers tell a different story. Delicate, playful fruits are perfectly harmonized with a subtle sweetness and a racy, focused acidity. 

Yet it is the interplay of these diverse components that ultimately forms a balanced and complex Riesling. Tropical fruits, florality and extract lend this wine its incredible depth and make it a beautiful companion to a range of food.