Press: Extract from FAZ, May 10, 2020, Article: "Three Sensations", Stefan Reinhardt
(wine critic "Robert Parker Wine Advocate")

Let's price down a bit and come to another icon of the Mosel Riesling. The Fritz Haag winery in Brauneberg was just bottled and is the finest, clearest and most precise I have tried here in 20 years. I was already blown away by the 2018s. 2019 is a quite similar dry/hot vintage, but with lower yields and a cooler autumn. Precipitations were also more generous. The 2019 vintage seems to be richer, not heavier, and much fresher, racy, more defined. Oliver Haag has again put up a sensational collection that will be hard to beat. Even the 2019 Riesling dry estate wine is unusual in its precision, finesse and elegance. It became clear to me how good it really is. Even after the tasting I enjoy a white wine from the Jura, which is six times as expensive but only half as long. What a Riesling spectacle for 10 euros! It is not exaggerated to say that this Riesling is one of the best white wines in the world. If you like it less dry, take the fine dry version.